General Rules

  • Check-In and Check-Out:
  • Check-in time is Noon, and check-out time is 11 AM.
  • Please adhere to these times to ensure a smooth transition for all guests.
  • Quiet Hours:
  • Quiet hours are observed from 10 PM to 8 AM.
  • Please be respectful of your fellow campers and keep noise levels down during these hours.
  • Speed Limit:
  • The maximum speed limit within the campground is 10 MPH.
  • Drive cautiously and watch for pedestrians, children, and wildlife.

Campsite Etiquette

  • Occupancy:
  • Each campsite is designated for a maximum of 10 guests.
  • Additional guests must be registered at the front desk.
  • Campfires:
  • Campfires are allowed only in designated fire rings or fire pits.
  • Fires must be attended at all times and fully extinguished before leaving.
  • Pets:
  • Pets are welcome but must be leashed at all times within the campground.
  • Please clean up after your pets promptly.

Facilities and Amenities

  • Laundry Facilities:
  • Our laundry facilities are available for your use. Please be considerate of other guests waiting to use them.
  • Trash:
  • Please use the designated trash containers for proper waste disposal.
  • Help us keep the campground clean by disposing of trash properly.

Safety and Security

  • Children’s Safety:
  • Parents are responsible for supervising their children at all times.
  • Children should be aware of campground boundaries and roadways.
  • Campground Access:
  • Access to the campground is limited to registered guests and visitors.
  • All visitors must check in at the front desk upon arrival.
  • Emergency Procedures:
  • Familiarize yourself with emergency procedures and the location of emergency exits.
  • In case of an emergency, dial 865-453-1041 and inform the front desk.

Respect for Nature

  • Wildlife and Plants:
  • Please do not feed or approach wildlife, and respect the natural habitat.
  • Do not damage or remove plants, trees, or any natural features.
  • Litter and Pollution:
  • Help us maintain the beauty of our campground by not littering.
  • Dispose of cigarette butts and trash properly to prevent pollution.

Enforcement and Violations

  • Enforcement:
  • Failure to comply with campground rules may result in eviction without refund.
  • Our staff is here to ensure a pleasant experience for all guests.
  • Guest Cooperation:
  • We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to our rules to create a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.


This property is privately owned.  The camper accepts camping privileges with the understanding that he does hereby release the Campground, its officers, and employees of all liability for loss or damage to property and injury to his person arising out of his use of its camping facilities, and agrees to indemnify the Campground, its officers and employees, against claims resulting from loss or damage to property or injury to the person of any member of the family or guest of the registered camper arising out of the use of its camping facilities.

Please note that these rules are subject to change, and we appreciate your understanding and adherence. Thank you for choosing to stay with us, and we hope you have a wonderful time at our campground!

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